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1880 Triumph Street Vancouver, BC 

(North of Hastings and Victoria)


Robin Thompson

Attending annual artistic exhibitions across the mainland, Robin brings his unique brand of artwork to each event exclusively with original "pocket art", his world famous mystery bags, and comic book sketch covers.


Seraji is a local Vancouver cartoonist and illustrator who writes and draw his self-published comic series, FOURTH DIMENSIONAL.

When he’s not drawing or reading comics, Seraji can be found chuckling at funny monkey videos (Orangutan ASMR is a personal favourite of his).

Seraji will be debuting a brand new collected edition of FOURTH DIMENSIONAL, containing the entire first story arc, plus all-new stories and material!

Soaring Penguin Press

Victoria Mulja

Victoria Mulja (she/her) is an artist and graphic designer who is always bringing joy to the audience through her digital artworks and fan art.From time to time, Victoria takes her inspiration from the video games she plays, the kind of anime she watches, and other particular subjects that catch her attention.

Soaring Penguin Press is a UK-based publisher of graphic novels and comics. Established in 2010 (but in existence much earlier), Soaring Penguin Press have published a number of notable titles, including Loisel's Peter Pan (in English for the first time), To End All Wars: the Graphic Anthology of the First World War (nominated for two Eisner Awards), Ellen Lindner's The Black Feather Falls (nominated for an Ignatz for Outstanding Series).

More recently, we published Blessed Cure, the English translation of Mario Cesar’s award-winning graphic novel and Conversion Therapy and growing up gay in Brazil, and Martin Simpson’s Nord, his first feature-length graphic novel of a Norwegian King who goes to battle with Death.

Robin Thompson is an independent comic book illustrator and commercial artist. He has a 25 year history as an arts instructor, with a lengthy tenure at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

His freelancing illustration experience includes storyboarding for film and television, graphic design, and interior mural work for seasonal attractions (Cougar Creek's House of Horrors).

Lending his extensive knowledge of the comic book medium, Robin has been a guest speaker for the Vancouver Art Gallery's renowned “Krazy!” and "COMIX: A Retrospective of Comic Art" exhibits.

John Ward

John Ward is a Vancouver-based writer, filmmaker, and podcaster. He's the creator and host of the 49 Degrees North Writers Podcast, has made award-winning short films such as Solus, and Linda, and several comic books including Acausal, Dark Fragments, and Scratcher. He is a graduate of the UCLA professional program in screenwriting and was previously a recipient of the Telefilm Canada New Voices Award. Before that, John was a theoretical physicist holding a PhD in string theory from Queen Mary University of London, and worked at CERN, the University of Iceland, and the University of Victoria. He now lives on the west coast where he enjoys kayaking, cooking curry, and spending time with his family.


Sisters that share a passion for creating! yitsuin is an illustrator and webcomic artist that loves to draw her favourite characters. Patricia is a crafter and designer that likes to experiment with different mediums to make tiny things."

Sidney Parker

Sidney Parker is a self taught artist who has been featured in the Sunshine Coast Arts Council Gallery throughout 2016-2017. Creative works include: prints, stickers, charms, clothing etc from my digital drawings and designs, and I paint scenery and fanarts with watercolour and acrylic.

She custom creates commissions for things like paintings, painted bags, custom trainer card printing, and branding for other small businesses (label/logo/sticker making etc).

Alpha Yu

Alpha Yu is a vancouver-based freelance illustrator and art teacher with a passion for visual storytelling. Specialising in anime-inspired work, he aims to tell stories about people caught in between different worlds through individual illustrations as well as one-shots

Magical Reveries

I am a fantasy artist who draws inspiration from nature and lore. I love fantasy authors who helped inspire my art like Hans Christian Andersen, Tchaikovsky, C.S Lewis etc. Many of my paintings are also inspired by my dreams and memories. My love of dragons was ignited by my dad, he introduced me to the world of dragons and had me design dragons for his motorcycles. From there my passion for art and fantasy exploded! I paint all ny art in my hubbys and my little hole in the wall apartment, our little hobbit hole, with our three cats in Burnaby BC!

Matthew Nielsen

Matthew Nielsen, also known online as Nuclear Jackal, was born in Wales, went to University in England, and eventually moved to Canada where he now spends his free time writing comics and honing his skills. He’s still working away on Toni & Aberdeen, a graphic novel about two time travellers that live in a deserted 2003 Vancouver.

Minna is a Finnish artist who enjoys working with a variety of different mediums and styles. She writes and draws slice-of-life comic strips based on her own experiences, and she's also currently working on illustrations, crochet dolls, needlefelting and miniature dioramas. She studied art in Finland and graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Novia University of Applied Sciences, and moved to BC a few years ago to live with her comic artist fiance. She's always looking for new arty and crafty things to try out.

Geno Shu X

It's Geno and Ghost back to haunt this table. Two creatives that enjoy storytelling and creating original content. Come check us out, we do original characters, comics, and fanart!

Minna Hakkola

Joel Van Der Lee

From the founders of 'Fallen Angel Comics' and 'Motion Comics’ comes... CrashTest Comics! Your favourite new label that tackles stories pushing the boundaries of the medium. With extensive training in illustration, writing, editing, screenwriting, and lettering, Ben Lenz and Joel van der Lee are a tour-de-force in Vancouver’s growing underground comic industry.

Inteyr & Friends

Inteyr is an accomplished Vancouver based artist with many years of experience in the convention scene. He creates digital drawings that appeal to a large variety of fandoms, including gaming, anime, comics, and more. If you want something truly unique, Inteyr also crafts original characters and hand drawn commissions upon request.

Alexander Coleman

Sentient Sponge is a rising webcomic star and influencer managed by Keeper of the Sponge. Since the sponge's debut in late 2022 on, it has amassed a cult following of thousands. Over the course of 100+ comic strips, the sponge navigates its daily life of sitting on a kitchen counter, scrubbing dishes, falling in love, and so much more. The Sentient Sponge Boutique had its grand opening at the Vancouver Art Gallery Market in Spring 2023, and is now coming to the Westcoast Comic Con to share spongey merchandise with devoted fans and new followers alike.





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